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    Join the DBT Network of Utah team!  

    Have you wanted to offer Comprehensive DBT services to clients but didn’t have a team to offer those services with? Are you feeling isolated and a little burned out at your job? Are you ready for a new challenge and personal and professional growth?  Do you want to work with a team that is passionate about their work and passionate about their work-life balance?  If you are ready to be part of something different, join us!

    Our Vision: 

    • To empower clients and families to learn skills, address underlying physiological needs and ultimately build a life they value.  
    • To transform the mental health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, innovation, and excellence.
    • To build a community of psychiatric providers that are passionate about growth, learning, collaboration and work-life balance.

    Benefits when you work at DBT Network of Utah 

    • COURAGE:  We value practicing courage to show up authentically with our clients and each other.  We value practicing courage to do our own work and never to ask our clients to do something that we wouldn’t do ourselves.  We value practicing the courage to ask for what we need and set boundaries that support healthy relationships.
    • COLLABORATION:  We value working in a collaborative environment.  We know that we do our best work when we have support.  We value practicing collaboration by being part of a dynamic team that consults together often.  
    • CURIOSITY:  We value letting go of judgments and practicing curiosity instead.  We value the creativity that comes from practicing curiosity to see how we can do our work more effectively.  We value practicing curiosity by asking questions first and being open to being wrong.  
    • DELIBERATE GROWTH:  We value growing DBT Network of Utah deliberately and not out of fear and scarcity.  We value deliberate growth professionally through continued learning.  We value deliberate growth personally by doing our own personal work.
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