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  • Medication Management

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    After a thorough evaluation, we may discuss trying medication to help you reach your treatment goals. Medication can help correct chemical imbalances in brain chemistry that contribute to many symptoms. Different prescribers have different philosophies about the role of medication in treatment. Here is what we believe about medication so that you can decide if we are the right prescribers for you:

    • Medication is not the only answer for treatment. Research has shown that the best outcomes come with medication and therapy together. If medications alone are not working to fully treat your symptoms, we will recommend therapy in addition to medication. We may do the therapy ourselves or may refer you to another provider for therapy depending on your needs.
    • Medication helps therapy to work more effectively. If the brain chemistry is imbalanced the brain may not be able to form new pathways and therapy may not be as effective. With the right medication and the right therapy, the brain can change.
    • Medication needs may change as you do therapy and your brain changes.
    • Medication should enhance your quality of life by reducing or eliminating your symptoms. Our goal is that you are on as few medication as possible to improve your quality of life.

    Medication appointments will initially be scheduled every 2-3 weeks until we find the right medication for you. Once we have found the most effective medication, we require that you come in regularly in order for us to continue to refill your medication. We do not do medication changes over the phone.

    Contact us today, for an initial evaluation if you feel you may benefit from psychiatric medication.